Willis Certificate Portal

Use Willis Certificate Portal to request, find, and view your documents over the Internet. From these pages, if you are a Registered Client, you can search for and view your Certificates of Insurance, Evidences of Property and Auto ID Cards. Contact your Willis servicing office to register for a user name and password.

The Logon/Logoff page is where you enter your user name and password. You must log on before you can request certificates or search for documents.

The Search page contains criteria to be used for finding the documents you want. Enter search information in at least one field.
Request: To obtain a new Certificate or Auto ID Card, please complete and submit the request form.
  1. Click on the word "Request Form" from the menu located at the top of the page. Then click the "Create a Request" link.
  2. The Certificate and Auto ID Card Request Form will display
  3. Complete the Request Form by entering information in the tabs.
    • Named Insured / Cert Holder
    • Coverages
    • Special Instructions
    • Auto ID Cards
    • Handling Instructions
    • Comments/Submit
  4. Once submitted, the application will display a preview. The preview provides the user with the option to Send the Request or Edit the Request.
Request Profile: This site allows the user the ability to save commonly used request forms.
  1. Navigate to the Request Form.
  2. Enter the request form details.
  3. Under the 'Handling Instructions' tab check the 'Save Request Form as a Profile' checkbox and enter a Profile Name.
  4. Click 'Send' upon completion of the request to send your request and save the request as a profile for future use.
  5. Saved profiles can be found by navigating to the request form and clicking the 'Certificate Profiles' link/section at the top.
  6. Select a profile and click the 'Use Selected Profile' button to use that profile's data in your new request.
Default Search:
  1. Navigate to the Search menu option located at the top of the page.
  2. Select the Document Class.
    • Certificate
    • Auto ID Card
  3. Enter information into at least one field.
    • Specifically defined search fields (i.e. Named Insured): Criteria matches on a word or phrase.
    • Text Search: Criteria searches records for any part of the criteria match within the filename or file content.
  4. Select Search.
View Results:
  1. To view, click on the PDF document icon
Search Results:
  • The Search Results table will list records meeting the entered search criteria.

  • RESET:
    • Select the Reset button to enter new search criteria.

    • Select the desired files
    • Select the Download to Zip button.
    • The system will direct the user to Open, Save, Cancel action.
      • Open will display the files in a window file structure.
      • Save will prompt the user to determine the location where the file should be stored.
      • Cancel will abandon the action.

  • PRINT: To print a document.
    • Click on the document icon to launch.
    • Click the printer toolbar button.

    • Select the Return to Search Criteria page to refine the search criteria.
Browser Support:
  • Unsupported browsers may not render the site properly. e.g. IE6
  • Please use IE7+, FireFox 18+, Chrome or Safari 5+.